Every decision we make is guided by our values of integrity, humility, passion and respect. We provide the opportunity for an entrepreneur to transition his or her business smoothly and painlessly. As operators, we are dedicated to preserving the vision, employees and customer relationships that have been built. 

We are looking to buy one company and are not your typical buyout firm. We offer you a different kind of succession plan:

  • Commitment - Sole investment with 100% of our effort, attention and resources

  • Goals - Value creation through sustainable growth and continuation of your legacy

  • Time Horizon - Dedicated to long-term success of your company

  • Source of Capital - Group of accomplished entrepreneurs, operators and investors

  • Deal Terms - Flexible based on your and your company's needs

  • Employees - Critical to achieving long-term goals

  • Post-Close Day Job - Partnering with your employees and customers to create value

  • Owner Transition - Smooth and comfortable transition period

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